The Resort's clinic

The Health Center is open 24/7 and prides itself for the state-of-the-art German diagnostic and laboratory equipment. 
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An ultrasound room and a drugstore are also available here. Highly skilled specialists at the urology, endocrinology, cardiology and therapeutic centers care for guests 24/7.


First consultation with therapists
every patient gets graphic of mineral water drinking and the individual relax procedurs
გაიგე მეტი
Laboratory research
general clinical and biochemical laboratory
გაიგე მეტი
Instrumental research
ultrasound, e.c.g.
გაიგე მეტი
Consultation with cardiologist
გაიგე მეტი
first aid
including Intravecille infusion, intramussle injection (In clinic there is pharmacy, which works 24 hours)
გაიგე მეტი
Deafness of the gall bladder
გაიგე მეტი
In clinic there is pharmacy, which works 24 hours.
გაიგე მეტი

Corporate EVENTS

Traveling for business doesn't need to be a chore. Escape the routine, and prepare yourself for an exceptional new experience. Increase your productivity, quality of work, and creativity, and combine business with pleasure.
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5 multifuctional conference rooms at the Sairme Hotel fit 10 to 250 people, allowing hosting of meetings, conferences and masterclasses with all your needs in mind. Two for 30 persons, Two for 100 persons, One for 250 persons.

We believe that tbe ability to relax and socialize with your colleagues is one of the most important factors that contribute to successful work towards a common goal—after all, we are business owners ourselves. Ample resources of the resort over 60 hectares of land and hundreds of staff members are at your disposal here. Basically, the entire town is at your service, ensuring that your business trip is exactly the way you have imagined it. 

You may hold a gala dinner on the terrace, request a variety of bands, sing karaoke, have a host. You may also throw a pool party and combine the rippling sounds of the river with electronic beats. Naturally, the pool is filled with thermal water, and you may thus take advantage of it in virtually any weather.  You can trust us fully with exceptional diversity of the menu: we are well aware of the local traditions and have thus mastered the Georgian cuisine, in addition to creating a particularly diverse Italian menu for foodlovers.

Lovers of nature and hiking can visit Mamaneti, located just 3 km away from Sairme, or enjoy an 18-kilometer Jeep tour in the alpine zone, red soils. You may even choose to camp out for a particularly wild adventure.

We have not forgotten about the sports either. You can hold tournaments here, and fully trust our skillful coordinators with planning. We constantly extend the list of athletic activities and extreme sports, so you will definitely find something new each time you come to visit.

Relax center

We firmly believe that a healthy body is key to a healthy life, mood and confidence. Thus, we approached planning and equipment of the spa with particular care, and trusted German scientists to work their magic.
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Thanks to the ample natural resources, each procedure is conducted with thermal water, which flows from 1500 m underneath the surface and is heated to 41 degrees. Its healing properties make each procedure particularly rejuvenating.

Exceptional therapeutic and healing properties of the thermal water have been proven at the Balneology Institute of Georgia, Institute of Urology, as well as by German experts. The thermal water is rich in sulfides, sulfates, and sodium-calcium, and is used for hydrotherapy in case of the following conditions:

prophylaxis and body correction of cellulite
გაიგე მეტი
Bone-lens system
arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid diseases
გაიგე მეტი
Central nervous system
neurotransmitter dystonia, insomnia
გაიგე მეტი
Skin diseases
psoriasis, allergic dermatitis
გაიგე მეტი


Underwater massage
In the skin, in subskin futty layer, in muscle and tangible tissues the metabolism process is improving. also: 1. Central nervous system 2. Vascular system 3. Skin diseases
გაიგე მეტი
Sharko Shower
Improves blood circulation, central nervous system,metabolism,cellular metabolism and remove the slag from the body, relieves muscle tension, it is effective for cellulite prevention.
გაიგე მეტი
Increases the body's immune activity ,characterized by anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vent, antispasmatic action.
გაიგე მეტი
Implies intestines flushed, the thermal mineral waters by means of the above procedure is useful in chronic colits and hemorrhoidal(no bleeding) diseases.
გაიგე მეტი
Dry massage
Massage during impact becomes nervous, humoral and mechanical factors. The skin, improves lymph movement, skin becomes elastic and sliding. Joints, iogs and meses speeding synovial fluid formation.
გაიგე მეტი

Children’s entertainment center

Family fun starts here! Virtually any member of the family will find comfort with us. Our entertainment centers for kids are equipped for dragon fighters and treasure island hunters. You can leave your kids for a journey with our animators while you enjoy yourself at the spa.
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We have taken into consideration the fickle nature of both the local weather as well as kids, which is why we have both outdoor playgrounds and indoor entertainment centers with animators.  A pool room, table tennis, soccer and basketball fields are also at your disposal. Young pirates can go treasure hunting in the pool in virtually any weather.