Mineral waters

Nature innately lavishes us with opportunities to be in tune with it. The four distinct healing propertis of Sairme Springs are certainly a proof of its benevolence. Thus, we have categorized the springs by unique numbers and constructed buvettes for convenient healing and dosing in order to ensure that our guests take full advantage of the ample natural resources available here.
Let us share a magical story. According to a legend, the springs were discovered by hunters chasing a deer. Water was flowing from a rusty red rock and everything around was covered with white salt. Shepherds discovered a spot 3 km away where the grass was green year-round, the earth would dry just minutes after the rain, and it would never be covered with snow. 
The secret of this magical place was the thermal water deep underneath discovered by geologists. These springs were examined closely in the 19th century. Upon careful analysis of the springs flowing separately all around the resort, each one of them was characterized with unique healing properties.

Let the nature charge you up!

Thermal Baths
We firmly believe that a healthy body is key to a healthy life, mood and confidence. Thus, we approached planning and equipment of the spa center with particular care, and trusted German scientists to work their magic.

Thanks to the ample natural resources, each procedure is conducted with thermal water, which flows from 1500 m underneath the surface and is heated to 41 degrees. Its healing properties make each procedure particularly rejuvenating.

Exceptional therapeutic and healing properties of the thermal water have been proven at the Balneology Institute of Georgia, Institute of Urology, as well as by German experts. The thermal water is rich in sulfides, sulfates, and sodium-calcium, and is used for hydrotherapy in case of the following conditions:
the prophylactics of cellulites and correction of the body
Central nerve system
neuro circular dystonia, insomnia
Bones and joints system
arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatic diseases
Skin diseases
psoriasis, allergic dermatitis